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What are the factors that affect the sun-light fastness

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1. The sun-light fastness is generally determined by the dye structure and type. For fibrin fabrics, the order of dyes from high to low in the sun is: restore (Shilin) Generally, the sunlight accuracy of some high -day exposure accuracy may also be better than Shilin.

2. Activated dye commonly used triangle color, reactive red 195, reactive yellow 145, reactive blue 194 (or reactive blue 222), reactivity black, 5 days of sun exposure is very average. Blue or coffee, it is difficult to obtain the color fastness above level 3. Only the dye amount is greater than 5%or 60g/lde dark and black can it have a better sunlight.

3. The dye concentration of the sun is closely related to the concentration of dyes on the fiber (fabric). Generally, as the dye depth increases, the sun exposure accuracy also increases. However, some scattered and cationic dyes are exactly the opposite of synthetic fiber, which will decrease with the sun as the concentration rises.

4. The same dye, the corresponding relationship between the concentration and the sun exposure, the performance on different fibers is not the same. As shown in the figure below, on the PA66, the improvement of the concentration of dyes on the sun is not obvious. And it is obvious on wool and silk.

5. The same dyes and the same concentration are not the same as the sun basis obtained on different fibers. For example, some of the direct dyes of high sun exposure are better than the sunlight on the sticky glue than on the cotton cotton. The sun is sunny. This may be that the swelling rate of adhesive in water is larger than that of cotton, resulting in more likely to gather dyes molecules, and the increase in the proportion of large particles gathering collectives is conducive to the improvement of sun exposure.

6. Similarly, soap washing will increase the aggregation trend of dye molecules, which is beneficial to improving the accuracy of sun exposure.

7. The humidity of the test environment has a great impact on the sun exposure. Cotton is very sensitive to this. If the relative humidity increases from 40%to 80%, the fading speed of the sun exposure of many cotton dyes will increase by more than 200%. In the same way, the sun is good, not necessarily sweat and light, and the addition of sweat not only has humidity factors, but also the factors of sweat accelerated fading.

However, the wool is not so sensitive to humidity, which is why the blue label is made in the blue label in the sun test.

8. The sun exposure of the fabric is generally soaked in the method of rushing anti -ultraviolet additives, but this method is generally not effective, the highest half.

The sun exposure is relatively low (level 1-2), the sun exposure, and the light waves in the red band are often important. The anti-ultraviolet absorbent absorption of blue-purple and ultraviolet bands is extremely limited to the fading of the fabric. Instead, it will have a good effect on the exposure accuracy (level 6-7), because the fading of this sample is mainly caused by blue, purple, and ultraviolet bands. The fading effect is not great.

9. If you can apply titanium pink to the fabric, it is also an effective way to improve the concentration of the fabric on the fabric, but it may cause the color of the fabric to become lighter and hardening.

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