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What are the main points of disperse dyeing operation?

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Main points of disperse dye dyeing operation (high temperature and high pressure method):

1. Pay attention to the cleaning of the conveying pipeline of the high temperature tank for dyeing and washing tanks.

2. The materials and dyes are generally prepared 20-30 minutes in advance, stirred and dispersed evenly for use.

3. The temperature of the chemical material should not exceed 50 °C, otherwise the dye will agglomerate.

4. Before opening the material, check whether the filter screen of the chemical tank is in good condition.

5. It is forbidden to add dyes while heating up. After adding dyes, the fabric should be heated for a certain time (such as 5min).

6. The speed of heating and cooling should be carried out strictly according to the process curve, so as to prevent the quality problems caused by too fast heating and cooling.

7. After dyeing, the temperature should be naturally cooled to 80°C before opening the working door of the dye vat to avoid burns.

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