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What are the reasons for the yellowishness and darkness during dyeing?

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Ø The pH value of dyeing is unstable, and the precipitation pH of alkaline substances tends to be neutral as the dyeing temperature rises.

Ø Reducing substances such as sodium lignosulfonate in the dye, formic acid or citric acid in the dye liquor have a greater impact on the color change of the turquoise blue, it is best to add anti-dyeing salt S.

Ø It is recommended to avoid recycled water as much as possible when it is sensitive to turquoise brilliant green. When dyeing, the color of iron ions is green and dark, and the color of copper ions also changes slightly. Its maximum absorption wavelength (λmax) is 670nm. The degree of discoloration.

Ø Set as low temperature as possible within the range of fabric requirements!

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