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What dye should the spandex be dyed with?

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The dyeing and printing difficulties of spandex-containing textiles are more difficult than other textiles. On the one hand, spandex is easily damaged during dyeing and printing, and on the other hand, due to the special chemical structure of spandex, there is currently no ideal dye for it. Dyeing and printing, and other fibers of blends and interwoven dyeing and printing dyes are also easily stained with spandex when the dyes are fixed.

The dyes and dyeing methods used in the dyeing of different spandex-containing textiles mainly depend on the fibers mixed with spandex, and are generally still dyed with their commonly used dyes. However, since it contains spandex, dyeing the spandex should also be considered. The composition and structure of spandex vary with the raw materials used and spinning methods, so their dyeing properties are also different.

Based on the structural characteristics of spandex dyeing properties, spandex can usually be dyed with acid dyes, neutral dyes, acid mordant dyes and disperse dyes. However, no matter what kind of dyes, they must be screened, and the dyes suitable for spandex dyeing are selected to have good dyeing rate, levelness, brightness and fastness.

In terms of structure, the most suitable dye for conventional spandex dyeing is still disperse dye. Because disperse dyes can be combined with the non-ionic polar groups in spandex through hydrogen bonding and dipole force, and can also be combined with the hydrophobic composition of spandex through dispersion force.

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