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What is Amylase and its application?

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What is Amylase and its application?


Amylase is the general name of enzymes that hydrolyze starch and glycogen. It usually catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch slurry on fabrics by amylase. Due to the high efficiency and specificity of amylase, the desizing rate of enzyme desizing is high and the desizing is fast. Less pollution, the product is softer than the acid method and alkali method, and does not damage the fiber. There are many types of amylase, depending on the fabric, the equipment combination is different, and the process flow is also different.


The currently used desizing methods include dipping, stacking, dyeing, continuous washing, etc. Due to the small mechanical action of amylase desizing and the small amount of water, the desizing effect can be achieved under low temperature conditions, which has a distinct effect. Environmental protection features.


Amylase, Amy, and AMS generally act on soluble starch, amylose, glycogen and other α-1,4-glucans to hydrolyze α-1,4-glycosidic bonds. According to the different types of isomerization of enzyme hydrolysates, it can be divided into α-amylase (EC3.2.1.1.) and β-amylase (EC3.2.1.2.).


It is used to decompose starch in fruit juice processing and increase the filtration rate, as well as vegetable processing, syrup manufacturing, glucose and other processing manufacturing.

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