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What is Chelating dispersant and its application?

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What is Chelating dispersant and its application?


Chelating dispersant is a highly efficient and versatile organic chelate. It can soften water, has strong chelating power and scum dispersing power to metal ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+, and prevents sedimentation during dyeing and finishing. The formation of scum and the scum produced by other dirt, and can slowly dissolve and remove the silicon scale, calcium soap deposits and oligomers in the equipment, prevent the metal salt from re-contamination of various fibers, and improve bleaching, dyeing, The whiteness, vividness and color fastness of printed products can also prevent the white background of printed products and yarn-dyed products from being stained again. The physical and chemical properties of chelating dispersants. Chelating dispersants play a very important role in the textile printing and dyeing industry. In addition to chelating dispersants, many additives are also used in the textile industry.

Chelating dispersant


PH value: 7-9

Performance and characteristics:

1. It has both adsorption and complexation effects on heavy metal ions, which can effectively inhibit the adsorption of heavy metal ions to dyes, and also has strong complexing ability for iron and copper ions.

2. It is an excellent water softener.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for the dyeing process of cotton and its blended fabrics.


According to the water quality, add about 2g/L of this product to the dyeing bath before dyeing, and run for 5-10 minutes to start dyeing.

Dilution method:

Please use deionized water to dilute the whole package into 10% liquid. If better dispersibility is required, please mix 3-5% dispersion

(Such as: polymer LBD-1 dispersant, dispersant NNO, dispersant MF, sodium lignosulfonate), the effect is better.


Packaging and storage:

25KG/bag, sealed and stored.

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