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What is Defoamer and its application?

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What is Defoamer and its application?


Defoamer is an additive to eliminate foam. In the production and application process of coatings, textiles, medicine, fermentation, papermaking, water treatment and petrochemical industries, a large amount of foam will be produced, which will affect the quality of products and the production process. Based on the suppression and elimination of foam, a specific amount of defoamer is usually added to it during production.



The defoamer should have the following properties:

1. Strong defoaming power and low dosage;

2. Adding to the foaming system does not affect the basic properties of the system, that is, it does not react with the defoamed system;

3. The surface tension is small;

4. Good balance with the surface;

5. Good heat resistance;

6. Good diffusibility and permeability, and high positive spreading coefficient;

7. Chemical stability, strong oxidation resistance;

8. Good gas solubility and permeability;

9. Low solubility in foaming solution;

10. No physiological activity, high safety.


The application of defoamers is very wide, such as food industry, paper industry, water treatment, oil extraction industry, printing and dyeing industry, coating industry, detergent industry, rubber latex industry, aerosol industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, etc. .


The defoamer is composed of active ingredients, emulsifiers, carriers and emulsifying aids. The active ingredient is the most important core part, which breaks the foam and reduces the surface tension. The emulsifier disperses the active ingredients into small particles. , In order to better disperse into oil or water, and play a better defoaming effect; the carrier occupies a large proportion in the defoaming agent, and its surface tension is not high. It mainly plays the role of supporting medium and inhibits foam. , The defoaming effect is beneficial, and the cost can be reduced; the emulsification aid is to make the emulsification effect better.

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