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What is Hydrophilic silicone oil and its application?

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What is Hydrophilic silicone oil and its application?


Hydrophilic silicone oil is a kind of ultrafine particle non-/weak cationic amino silicone softener. It has good hydrophilicity and compatibility with additives; it has good shear stability, improves the sewing properties of fabrics, and meets the requirements of knitting. Material requirements, provide better smoothness, give the fiber a soft, fluffy feel; have good washing resistance, the processed fabric will not yellow or discolor after 15 times of soaping, and the product style will not be affected; Yellowing and excellent rubbing fastness, light fastness; APEO-free, good stability, no oil bleaching.

Hydrophilic silicone oil

Hydrophilic silicone oil is a light yellow transparent oily body. It is a reactive silicone oil. It is a new type of fabric finishing agent. It is soluble in water and can be used alone in the form of an aqueous solution with the finishing material or added to the resin finishing working bath. The working bath is stable without demulsification or oil bleaching. Various fiber fabrics, such as synthetic fibers and natural fiber fabrics such as polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester-cotton, wool, rayon, etc., can significantly improve the fabric's feel, antistatic, hydrophilicity, washability and stain resistance. Ionic characteristics: non-ionic.


Hydrophilic silicone oil is composed of modified amino silicone oil and a small amount of penetrant, which has good hydrophilicity and softness.


Hydrophilic silicone oil has good compatibility with cationic surface activity; low yellowing, good hydrophilicity; good biodegradability, no pollution to the environment.

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