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What is Reactive Dyes

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Reactive dye, also known as reactive dye, is a new type of water -soluble dye that appeared in the 1950s. Reactive dye molecules contain active groups that can react with amino groups in cellulose and protein fibers in cellulose. Generate covalent bonds and generate "dyes-fiber" compounds. The Reactive dye has the characteristics of bright color, good dye, simple dyeing method, high dyeing fastness, complete chromatography and low cost. And print.

The Reactive dye is composed of its mother's dye, linked and active base, so that it can form firm covalent bonds with fibers when used, and has a series of other cellulose fiber dyes. The status of the development and use of dyes in plain fibers is prominently reflected in the following four aspects:

(1) Reactive dye is one of the best choices for disabled dyes and other types of cellulose such as dyes such as sulfur dyes, ice dyes, and restore dyes.

(2) Reactive dyes can use economic dyeing technology and simple dyeing operations to obtain high -level firm performance, especially wetness.

(3) The chromatography of Reactive dyes is wide, bright, excellent in performance, and strong applicability. Its hue and performance are basically suitable for the market's requirements for fiber and clothing.

(4) Reactive dyes are suitable for new types of fiber products such as Lyocell fibers.

reactive dyes

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