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What is Thermal transfer dye and its application?

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What is Thermal transfer dye and its application?


Thermal transfer dye, also known as dye for diffusion thermal transfer (dye for diffusion thermal transfer), referred to as D2T2, is a kind of thermal recording material.

Thermal transfer dye


The ribbon containing the sublimation dye is brought into contact with the receiving paper, heated by the small heating element according to the image signal, and the dye is sublimated and transferred to the receiving paper. The amount of sublimation transfer dye can be controlled by changing the energization amount of the heating element.


The ribbon is made by coating the ink composed of sublimation dye and binder on the substrate film. The base film can be polyester film, capacitor paper, etc.


The erection agent can be ethyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyphthalamide, polyvinyl acetate, polymethacrylate, polyvinyl butyral, silicone resin and the like.


The dyes used are sublimable disperse dyes, oil-soluble dyes, basic dyes, etc.

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