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What is fluorescent fabric

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With the vigorous development of the national economy and the improvement of the national production level, consumers' recognition of the richness and vividness of textiles has continued to expand, and the demand has increased day by day. With the characteristics of high emission intensity, bright color and strong fluorescence, fluorescent dyes are widely used in the dyeing and printing of fabrics, in addition to the clothing of traffic police and road maintenance personnel, to meet the daily needs of consumers.

Fluorescent fabrics refer to fabrics with strong reflective effects after ordinary fabrics are dyed or coated with fluorescent dyes.

The use of fluorescent fabrics can make extremely distant targets or targets in the dark get strongly reflected light, thus playing a good warning and safety precautionary role.


The fluorescent fabrics are mainly chemical fibers, and the fibers are dyed with disperse fluorescent dyes, which have good color fastness to washing and bright color.


Cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics basically use fluorescent paint to bond the paint to the fibers through adhesives to achieve the purpose of dyeing. The color of the fabric is different due to factors such as surface mechanism, paint concentration, dye uptake rate and pH value, and even no fluorescence emission effect occurs, resulting in no effect of fluorescent color.

Problems and misunderstandings in the use of fluorescent fabrics

Color Cons:


1. Fluorescent fabrics have poor light fastness.


2. The rubbing fastness of the fluorescent paint is poor, and the color fades greatly when washed with water.


3. The fluorescent color of cotton, linen, wool and silk fabrics has problems such as difficult color accuracy, dull color and low fluorescent reflectivity.


Production problem:


1. The minimum package of dyes commonly used in the industry is generally 25 kg. Many factories do not have fluorescent dyes. In case of multi-color ratio, the quantity cannot be produced.


2. Many natural material fabric factories lack experience in making fluorescent fabrics, resulting in many color fastness problems and shading problems.


3. Some factories add fluorescent whitening agents on the basis of ordinary dyes to pretend to be fluorescent dyes for dyeing

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