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What is leather dye and its application?

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What is leather dye and its application?


Leather dye is a dye that has affinity for leather and is used for coloring leather products.

Leather dye

Leather dyes are dyes that have affinity for leather and can be used for leather coloring. The coloring of leather products can use acid, medium, direct and basic dyes, etc. The most commonly used in spray coloring is neutral dyes.


The dye is required to be slightly soluble in water, and easily soluble in organic solvents such as ethylenedioxide, ether, ethanol or dimethylformamide. Mainly used for spray coloring of pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin and other leathers.


The dye categories that can be used to color dry leather are:

(1) Acid dyes, used for dyeing chrome tanned leather. The color spectrum is complete, the color is bright, and it can penetrate into the leather.


(2) Basic dyes, used for dyeing and tanning.


(3) Direct dye for dyeing chrome thorn leather.


(4) Reactive dyes generally use ordinary products containing trichlorodiazine groups.


(5) Metal complex dye, bright color, soft luster, good fastness, it is a special dye for dry high-grade leather and fur;


(6) Alcohol-soluble dyes do not contain hydrophilic groups in the molecule and are insoluble in water. They are generally used for coloring leather finishing agents.

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