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What is listing phenomenon during dyeing process?

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Appearance: The color of the fabric near the edge and near the center varies in shades.

Causes: 1). In the open-width cross-winding dyeing machine, the curvature of the spreading device is not suitable, which makes the dye liquor absorption rate of the cloth inconsistent. The temperature in the dye bath is inconsistent with the center at both ends. Add new staining solution unevenly. 2). In the liquid dyeing machine, the circulation speed of the fabric is slower, and the heating rate is faster. 3). In the open-width continuous dyeing machine, the suction rate between the center and both ends of the roll is inconsistent. During drying, the temperature and wind speed are not uniform at both ends and the center. In the continuous dyeing process, the tension on the cloth body is not uniform. 4). The center and both sides of the fabric formed during the pretreatment process are inconsistent. 5) When printing with Roller or Rodali, the pressure applied is inconsistent between the center and both ends. 6). The resin is not processed immediately after dyeing, or the resin is not completely dried after being applied, and it accumulates for a long time.

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