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What is pigment paste and its application?

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What is pigment paste and its application?


Pigment paste is a semi-product made of pigments or pigments and fillers dispersed in paint. The oily color paste that uses pure oil as the adhesive is called oily colorant. The resin color paste that uses the resin paint as the adhesive is called the resin color paste. The pigment paste prepared by adding surfactant dispersion with water as the medium is called water-based color paste. As there are many types of paints, there are also many types of color pastes. In order to better disperse the pigments in the paint, a small amount of surfactants and zinc naphthenate are often added during the manufacturing process.

pigment paste


Application and development of water-based colorants


With the rapid development of construction and industry, areas that are rarely designed in the color paste fields including hotels, commerce, landscape, and transportation have entered the development range of the color paste market by a large margin, and are moving towards the development trend of integration and energy saving. Of course, this is mainly manifested in the rapid rise of color paste manufacturers, which has driven the entire color paste industry towards high-efficiency and low-carbon development. As an important branch of the coatings industry, water-based color pastes are rapidly growing into the mainstream of consumption driven by industry, real estate, furniture, home appliances, building materials and home furnishings. Water-based color pastes play an increasingly important role in modern home decoration and home decoration life. Role.


Water-based colorants are used for coloring, and their application fields are very broad, including coatings, leather, printing, papermaking, latex, textiles and other industries. The main service object is the coating industry.

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