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What is polyester DTY?

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Polyester DTY (Draw texturing yarn), that is, draw texturing yarn, is the finished yarn that is continuously or simultaneously stretched on a texturing machine, and can be directly used for weaving. Therefore, the dyeing uniformity of DTY is directly affected Quality of finished fabrics. Among them, the dyeing M rate is one of the important indicators for testing DTY quality. The uniformity of dyeing will directly reflect on the woven fabric. If the dyeing M rate is low, it means that the dyeing uniformity is poor and there are more bad dyed yarns, which not only causes DTY manufacturers The excellent rate of DTY dyed yarns will decrease, and the poorly dyed DTY yarns will cause hundreds of thousands of meters of fabrics to drop, which will seriously affect the economic benefits of enterprises.

The uniformity of DTY dyeing directly affects the DTY grade rate and the economic benefits of the manufacturer. In production, the dyeing M rate is often used to express, and the bad silk is judged according to the color depth of the dyed sock and the length of the segment spots.

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