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What is the accident of EVER GIVEN ?

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At 8 am local time on March 23, Egypt, Evergreen's container ship EVER GIVEN entered the Suez Canal from the north of the Red Sea. At the southern end of the estuary, it was suspected of being hit by an instant strong wind, causing its hull to deviate from the course and accidentally bottomed and grounded.

According to the photos taken by the sighting ship Maersk Denver, the long-sending ship traverses the waterway a bit obliquely. The hull of the ship is so huge that the tugboats sent by the Egyptian authorities to rescue it are quite small. The Egyptian authorities also dispatched excavators, supposedly to dig the ground to release the bow.

The Suez Canal is a transportation route connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and to Asia. It is also one of the busiest waterways in the world. This accident will cause at least 100 ships to be unable to travel between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

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