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What is the application of spandex?

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The excellent performance of the spandex fiber raw material makes the fabric comfortable to wear, suitable for the bending needs of body parts, so that the clothing has little binding force on the body, and the fabric has good wrinkle resistance, no folds, and wrinkle setting ability. Never change.

Mainly used in the manufacture of various sportswear, swimming suits, skating suits, golf and other sportswear; as well as the belt tight parts of various special clothing such as space suits, flight suits, work clothes, etc.; women's tights, fitness clothing , Underwear, bras, pantyhose, waistband, high elastic stockings, gloves, jackets, skirts and other female products; elastic corduroy, elastic labor cloth, elastic wool gabardine and wool tweed clothing materials; furniture and car seats wrapped decorative fabrics Fabric; medical equipment for surgical elastic bandages, skin tubes, artificial organ materials and other auxiliary equipment.

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