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What is the commercialization of dyes?

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The original dyes are mixed, ground, and processed into commercial dyes with a certain amount of fillers and auxiliaries, and the process of standardizing the dyes is called dye commercialization.

The commercial processing of dyestuffs is crucial to stabilizing the quality of finished dyestuffs, improving the application performance and product quality of dyestuffs.

Appearance of commercial dyes

Dyes can be processed into powder, ultrafine powder, slurry, liquid and granular commodities. Slurry is inconvenient to transport, and it is prone to uneven concentration during long-term storage. Some dyes are made into liquid form, which is convenient for application, saves energy and improves labor intensity.

According to the different types and varieties of dyes, certain specifications are determined. Powder and granular are generally specified in fineness, which is expressed by mass fraction through a certain purpose sieve, and at the same time, the color of the appearance is explained.

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