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What is the effect of temperature on the levelness of nylon?

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Nylon is a thermoplastic fiber. Therefore, the dyeing rate of the fiber has a great relationship with the temperature, and the dyeing temperature must be higher than the glass transition temperature of the fiber (35~50℃). Nylon fiber starts to absorb dyes at 40℃. As the temperature rises, the dyeing rate increases. The dyeing process can basically be completed when the temperature is 100℃. Although the dyeing can be basically completed when the temperature is 100℃, it is helpful to continue to increase the temperature. Because of the migration of dyes, the level dyeing property is improved.

Some researchers believe that the dye uptake rate of acid dyes dyeing nylon fibers is related to temperature. When the temperature is higher than the glass transition temperature, the mobility of the macromolecular chains in the fiber will increase, and the fiber will expand, allowing the dye to penetrate into the fiber and react with the terminal amino positive ions. However, if the heating rate is not well controlled, uneven dyeing is likely to occur. Phenomenon.

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