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What is the fabric density?

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Fabric densityrefers to the number of yarns per unit length, which can be divided into warp density and weft density. The unit is root/10cm.

The wool knitted fabric has 1000 stitches (horizontal 100, longitudinal 10 or transverse 50 longitudinal 20), select 10 transverse yarns (narrow 20) under pre-tension, measure the total length and total mass, and then calculate the loop length and Yarn linear density, and finally calculate the weaving density coefficient.

For the woven fabric test, the results of the yarn unraveling or fabric density mirror test, such as 250 in the warp direction and 150 in the weft direction, are as follows:

1. 250.0 strands/10cm in warp direction and 150.0 strands/10cm in weft direction or

2. The warp direction is 63.5 pieces/in, the weft direction is 38.1 pieces/in, 1in (inch)=2.54cm

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