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What is the main reason for dyeing defect?

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1. Process formulation and operation issues:

Unreasonable formulation process or improper operation produces color fretting;

The process is unreasonable (for example, the temperature rises and falls too fast);

Poor operation, knotting during dyeing, and power outage during dyeing;

The temperature rises too fast and the heat preservation time is not enough;

The scouring water is not clean, and the pH value of the cloth surface is uneven;

The crude cloth contains a large amount of oily slurry and has not been completely removed after scouring;

Uniformity of pre-treatment cloth surface.

2. Dye problems:

Dyes are easy to aggregate, have poor solubility, poor compatibility, and are too sensitive to temperature and pH, which are prone to color mottling and chromatic aberration. For example, the active turquoise blue KN-R is easy to produce colored flowers.

The reasons for dyeing include poor levelness of dyes, migration of dyes during dyeing, and fineness of dyes.

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