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What is the performance of cupro fiber?

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Cuprammonium fibre is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It is made by dissolving natural cellulose materials such as cotton linters in a concentrated ammonia solution of copper hydroxide or alkaline copper salt to form a spinning solution. Or spinning into a coagulation bath of dilute alkali solution, and then in a second bath containing 2-3% sulfuric acid solution, the copper ammonia fiber molecule chemical substance is decomposed to regenerate cellulose. The resulting hydrated cellulose can be post-processed to obtain cupramide fiber.

The fabric made of cupra has a soft touch, soft luster and a silky feel. Its wearing performance is relatively good, moisture absorption is good, and it has a great drape feeling. The wearing performance is similar to silk, which conforms to the trend of environmental protection clothing.

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