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What is the reason for light color spots?

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There are repellents on the fabric, causing semi-repellent, or dripping water to dilute the dye solution during the dyeing process, and the fabric is stained with fleece;

1) The fabric is impervious to scouring, and the dyed fabric contains dye-repellent substances;

2) When the rough fabric is dyed, the fabric has water stains, and it is rolled into the fabric roll and left for too long, causing shallow water stains;

3) Where disperse blue dye is used, light stains will often appear on the cloth surface;

4) The reactive dye rolls are stacked, and the film wrapping is not tight enough, and the condensed water penetrates into the fabric rolls to cause light stains;

5) After the direct dye is dyed, the color is not fixed and the water drops cause light stains.


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