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What is the standard for purchasing dyestuffs for printing and dyeing factories?

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1. Strength. The power is high, the amount of dye used is relatively reduced, and the problems of processing wastewater and pollution are relatively easy to solve.

2. Customer's request. The customer is God, if the customer has a clear request to use imported dyes or a certain brand of dyes, the company will produce according to the customer's requirements. Under normal circumstances, domestic dyes can be used to meet customer requirements for fastness, etc., so domestic dyes are used.

3. The stability of the dye. This is a very important aspect. The stability of the dye has a direct impact on the reproducibility of the dyeing and the quality of the dyeing.

In the process of understanding with some printing and dyeing factories, some printing and dyeing factories said that they should consider two aspects when purchasing dyes. One is the reproducibility and compatibility of dyes. The success rate of dye lofting with good reproducibility and compatibility will be higher, and the production efficiency will be relatively high, which is close to a successful dyeing; the second is the color fastness after dyeing. This is also an important part of the quality of dyeing products.

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