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Why do colored flowers appear during reactive dyeing?

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1. Equipment

The key to avoiding the color pattern of cotton fabrics lies in the control of alkali addition. Especially in the stage of adding alkali, if there is a car entanglement, it is easy to cause color flowers. In addition, a reasonable cloth speed and pump pressure are also very important. It takes 3 minutes for a week of dyed cotton general color cloth, and 2 minutes for sensitive colors. Too fast or too slow is not suitable. Too fast will cause the dye to be over-leveled and the color will be lighter. If it is too slow, the color will be easily changed.

2. The pretreatment is not clean

Degreasing is not cleaned, resulting in inconsistent permeability of the cloth surface, especially thicker types of cloth, there will be color flowers; residual hydrogen peroxide, deoxygenation is not clean, it will cause the dye not to color, the oxygen content should be measured before dyeing to confirm that there is no hydrogen peroxide Dyeing can be done after the residue; in the dyeing process, penetrants, emulsifiers, etc. are added in order to enhance the permeability of the fabric, sometimes resulting in foam and color.

3. Flow color

After the cloth is dyed out of the tank, it should be a damp cloth before it is set, and it is necessary to prevent the color flow; the active turquoise blue is easy to flow, and the problem can generally be solved by soaping with hot water. Generally, the cloth should be dried or set within 8 hours after dyeing.

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