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oxygen bleaching stabilizer and its application?

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Oxygen bleaching stabilizer and its application?


Oxygen bleaching stabilizer, also known as hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, is a white powdery compound of organic carboxylic acid and special auxiliary agent that can be dissolved in cold water and hot water. It is a kind of high temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, and non-toxic. The new non-silicone oxygen bleaching stabilizer is mainly used in the pre-treatment oxygen bleaching process of cotton, linen, rayon and its blends with chemical fibers. The stabilizing effect on hydrogen peroxide exceeds that of sodium silicate, and it will not produce difficult to remove "Silica scale", the fabric has high whiteness and soft hand feeling after oxygen bleaching.

Oxygen bleaching stabilizer


1. Good complexing effect on iron, copper and other metal ions, which can effectively prevent fabric damage and holes during bleaching;


2. This product has the function of dispersing dirt and can effectively increase the washing effect;


3. This product is suitable for one-bath de-boiling and bleaching process, cold-rolled pile and conventional oxygen bleaching process;


4. When used with complex dispersant at the same time, it can obviously improve the dispersing effect of complex dispersant; and has anti-scaling effect, which is beneficial to equipment cleaning;


5. High temperature resistance, stable in a wide pH range;


6. Foam-free, environmentally friendly, and easily biodegradable.

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