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Common quality problems in dyeing

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1. Unqualified color plasticity

The color fastness includes sun exposure, soap washing fastness, sweat staining fastness, friction fastness, sublimation fastness, ironing fastness, etc. These fastness is The dyeing process and external conditions are closely related. Therefore, whether the color fastness meets the standard, the key is to choose dyes, followed by the application of dyeing process and auxiliary agent.

2. Crispy loss

Crispy loss is manifested as a strong decline. Except for the cause of brittle loss or even holes in the previous process of treatment due to improper oxygen drifts, there are generally two reasons for brittle loss caused by the dyeing stage. Damage, need to be improved with anti -brittle agent, as well as crispy loss of fiber such as strong reducing agent and strong oxidant in dye dye dye dye dye dye dye dyeing. And the market currently supplies some agency acids. These acids with organic buffalic acids like BASF Company, excluding sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphate and other strong inorganic acids, and even better performance than acetic acid. Some of the disadvantages of acetic acid (such as inconvenient use in winter, large stimulation, residual acid flavor, and metal ions in the water (such as CA2 +, MG2 +) stay on the fabric and cause darkening of color light). Some of the replacement acids containing H2S04, HCL, H3P04, etc. not only cause dyeing color light changes, but also have corrosive effects on dyeing equipment and pumps, but also neutralized acid residues can also cause crispy loss of fabrics under acidic conditions.

3, wrinkles

The main causes of the occurrence are equipment reasons, as well as the reasons for the amount of cloth, the cause of the bath ratio and the processing process operation. All affect the flatness of the fabric cloth surface, and the size of the bath ratio will also affect the flatness of the cloth surface. Too many auxiliary foam in the process operation causes the phenomenon of heat -up and cooling in the process operation of the fabric Wrinkles. The current bathing wrinkle -proof agent, the treasure in the bath, and the soft agent in the bath can improve the phenomenon of fine wrinkles, but if the equipment is not improved and the process control is not good, the lubricant in the bath is not completely avoided to avoid fine wrinkles. produced.

4, windprint

Wind printing has little relationship with the auxiliary agent. The key is that the performance of the dye itself (acid and alkali resistance) and the fabric belt acid and alkali, the humidity of the air and acid gas, such as direct dyeing Cuilan GC, frozen yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow, frozen yellow yellow yellow G is prone to air printing, Cuilan KN-G, Yan Orange X-GN, etc. in the activity, and the sensitivity of acid and alkali is also prone to windprints. Disted dyes such as yellow RGFL are sensitive to alkali, and it is also easy to produce windprints. For the auxiliary agent, neutralize it, so that the cloth surface is as pH = "7. Therefore, you must also pay attention to the variety of acid and alkali when neutralized. The acid should be used as an ice acetic acid or organic. With the use of H2S04, HCL and other strong inorganic acids, the choice of alkali should also be eased as much as possible.

5. Color flowers (including color differences, color do not attach, etc.)

Color flowers are the most common and most common quality problems in dyeing processes.

① Processing and operation issues

Formulating unreasonable processes or improper operation produces color flowers.

② equipment problem

For example, if the temperature in the hot -fixed machine oven after dye dyeing dyeing polyester, it is easy to produce color difference flowers, and insufficient pumping force of rope dyes can also cause color flowers.

③ dye problem

The dye is easy to gather, the solubility is poor, and the compatibility is not good. It is too sensitive to temperature and pH to produce color flowers and color differences. If the activity Cuilan KN -R is prone to color flowers.

④ Water quality problem

Poor water quality, causing dyes with metal ions or dyes and impurities cohesion cause color flowers and light colors.

⑤ auxiliary problem

In the problem of the additives, the additives related to the color flower include penetration agents, uniform dyes, chelating dispersant, and pH value control agents. The penetration of the penetration agent is insufficient, and it is easy to cause uneven penetration of the dye fluid and color flowers, such as loose cotton dyeing, tube gauze staining, and heavy fabric staining. It is not considered that the turbidity of JFC is only 38-42 ° C, exceeding 42 ° C, and its penetration power cannot be exerted, which will cause quality problems.

6. Color spots (including white dots)

There are also many reasons for color points, such as white spots, which may be the cause of non -mature cotton or dyes, or that solids such as pure alkali are stained on the cloth and caused local non -dyeing.

The main reason for the occurrence of color points is:

① Improper selection of dyes: The dye particles are large or easily condensed to form.

② Poor dye dissolving: Unread dye enters the dye fluid and dipped in the fabric.

③ Poor water quality: Poor water quality causes dye condensation.

④ Equipment is not clean: Displayed the color point of the script of the dyeing cylinder.

⑤ Reasons for additives: The additive added during dyeing sometimes causes dyes to condense and produces color points; there are too many additive foam, bubble and dyes are combined into color foam, which is stained with fabric forming color points; On the fabric and device, the condensation on the device will switch to the fabric to cause the color point.

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