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These are related to the Dye news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Dye and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Dye market.
  • What are the precautions for laboratory proofing


    Choice of DyesBefore proofing, it must be clear what kind of cloth the proofing object is, and then choose the corresponding dye according to the type of cloth, such as dyeing polyester with disperse dyes or cationic dyes. Finally, the color of the dye is selected according to the color of the custo Read More

  • Improvement of wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyed deep-color dyed fabrics


    Improving the wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyed deep-colored fabrics is one of the important ways to improve the quality of textiles and overcome the export barriers of textiles.The main reasons for the poor wet rubbing fastness of textiles are the floating color transfer of water-soluble dyes a Read More

  • Development history of dye processing technology


    There are many kinds of dyestuffs, but in terms of the physical form of their commodities, they can be divided into solid, liquid and slurry. It can be further divided into:Solid dyes—powder, granular, dust-free powder, block, flake, short column;Liquid dyes—water-soluble liquids and dispersions;Slu Read More

  • What aspects are involved in dye processing


    1 Analysis of primary dyesThe original dye analysis mentioned here refers to the testing and analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the original dye for the needs of dye processing. After years of research, it is found that post-processing is by no means a simple physical process. Befor Read More

  • What are the common problems and solutions of printing Ⅱ


    5. Reasons for the skinning phenomenon of the glue during the printing processAny printing material has a common characteristic, that is: the thinner the ink layer, the faster the drying, and the same is true for the glue. Since the screen is larger than the pattern, there is enough space for the pa Read More

  • What are the common problems and solutions of printing Ⅰ


    1. The problem of sticky hands after printing glueAfter the printing paste is printed and dried, there is a sticky phenomenon, which becomes more serious with the increase of temperature.Reason: The main raw material of printing glue is acrylic resin, which is determined by the characteristics of th Read More

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