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Compatibility of disperse dyes and polyester fibers

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Polyester Fibers

Polyester fiber, commonly known as "polyester", is a synthetic fiber made from chemical polycondensation of organic dibasic acids and glycols.

It is a kind of polymer compound and a synthetic fiber with high strength, high modulus and low water absorption.

Therefore, traditional water-soluble dyes such as direct, acid, and reactive dyes cannot be adsorbed to this hydrophobic fiber, and therefore cannot be dyed. Vat and sulfur dyes, because of their huge molecules and larger associated particles, are even less able to penetrate into the polyester macromolecules with high crystallinity and dense structure.

Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes are the most important and main category in the dye industry. They are non-ionic dyes that do not contain strong water-soluble groups and are dyed in a dispersed state during the dyeing process.

The fineness of dispersed particles is required to be around 1μm.

Disperse dyes have higher requirements for post-processing. They usually need to be ground in a grinder in the presence of a dispersant to become highly dispersed particles with stable crystal form before they can be used. The dye liquor of disperse dyes is a uniform and stable suspension.

Reasons why disperse dyes dye polyester fiber

Disperse dyes are small molecule dyes without water-soluble groups and have good affinity with hydrophobic polyester.

The small molecules of disperse dyes can take the opportunity to blend into the gaps in the polyester fiber when the polyester fiber expands due to high temperature. Therefore, disperse dyes are the best dyes for polyester.

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