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If you want to know more about the disperse dyes, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the disperse dyes industry. More news about disperse dyes, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more disperse dyes information!
  • How to improve the quality of disperse dye dyeing


    The effect of decentralized dye dyeingThe heat migration of decentralized dyes is not under dry heat conditions, and the dye is redistributed in the two phases of fiber and surface solvents. Instead, its inherent physical characteristics are also caused. EssenceBy analyzing the effects of dyeing tem Read More

  • What is disperse dyeing thermal migration


    Polyester fiber with decentralized dyes dyed, during the dry heat treatment process, the phenomenon of decreased color targeting and color -light mutation. It is caused by the heat migration of decentralized dyes.The so -called heat migration refers to a phenomenon of migrating from the inside of th Read More

  • Why is the disperse dyeing fastness poor?


    Disperse dye dyeing is mainly because polyester fiber dyeing is high -temperature and high pressure. Although the dye molecules are small, the dye molecules are not guaranteed to enter the fiber during dyeing. The cleaning is to destroy the dye molecules that are not entered into the fiber to improv Read More

  • How to identify the quality of disperse dyes


    Diffusion test: Accurately weigh 1g of dye, add 100mL of 30°C water, stir evenly with a glass rod, drop 4-5 drops of the dye suspension on the filter paper with a pipette, observe its natural seepage circle, good diffusivity the larger its area.Some dye solutions have 1~2 layers of fuzzy seepage cir Read More

  • What is the problem of heat migration fastness of disperse dyes?


    Heat migration fastness of disperse dyes:Migrating after dyeing means that after polyester is dyed with disperse dyes, when treated at high temperature (such as heat setting), disperse dyes can produce a kind of thermal migration due to the influence of additives. Thermal migration is a redistributi Read More

  • What is Disperse Dyes for Printing


    Direct printing on polyester fabrics requires high temperature steaming after printing to avoid interpenetration of patterns and colors. Dyes with high sublimation fastness must be selected. In order to prevent patterns from fading under sunlight, light fastness is also very important. In order to r Read More

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