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DMC fell 1800 in a row! Raw rubber fell below 20,000! Downstream waiting for the opportunity to stock up! In the first week of August, it will first decline and then rise? Trend analysis

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July ended with a downward trend. Last week, the market was dominated by bearishness. The first half of the week fell together, and the second half of the week was divided. The Shandong monomer factory rebounded tentatively by 300 yuan / ton, intending to increase shipments. However, the leading monomer factory operated in reverse, falling 1,500 yuan/ton in a row, and DMC offered 19,500 yuan/ton on Friday. The Shandong monomer factory was under pressure and no longer supported the price. On the morning of July 31, the DMC opened and fell to 19,300 yuan/ton, while the leading monomer factory was under pressure. In the afternoon, it fell by 300 yuan, and the DMC was lowered to 19,200 yuan/ton. It rebounded from 2,000 at the beginning of the month to 1,800 at the end of the month, which is basically a complete overhaul!

This week officially enters August, the harvest season is also the prelude to the "Golden Nine Silver Ten", but the terminal downturn makes everyone extremely cautious, the current supply and demand are still in the game, because the upstream profits are also greatly challenged, forced to ship, this week There may still be a wave of flash declines, and some downstream companies will enter the market at a low price. Will it decline first and then rise in early August? Let’s wait and see this week. …

107 rubber market: last week, the 107 rubber market was deserted and difficult to change. From the perspective of the supply side, DMC has returned to a weak position, and the demand is not good. The leading monomer factory has undergone previous upside down operations, and the decline of 107 rubber last week was relatively small. However, for the DMC that has been falling continuously, it is difficult for other 107 rubber manufacturers to ship at high prices. As of July 31, the market price of 107 rubber was 20,000-20,600 yuan / ton, a weekly drop of 3.33%.

In the short term, although 107 rubber is not good, the contradiction between supply and demand is still unresolved. From the perspective of the market community, the supply of goods for traders is also sufficient. There may be a small wave of profit promotion this week, but it should be understood that there is not much room for decline. Once the downstream enters the market to stock up, the price is expected to bottom out again.

From the perspective of demand, the construction rubber market is dragged down by real estate, and it may be difficult to boost expectations this year. At present, in August, the demand for silicone rubber has not shown signs of recovery, and some small and medium-sized enterprises that mainly focus on circulating rubber are also facing the pressure of loss. , so the purchase of 107 rubber is also very cautious, and more rigid needs are maintained. Photovoltaic adhesives are still showing a positive development trend, but the soaring momentum of polysilicon has also suppressed the installed capacity of photovoltaics, and the movement to 107 adhesives is limited. At present, large silicone rubber manufacturers are still actively reducing prices. As the decline deepens step by step, they may start to stock up this week.

To sum up, the 107 rubber temporarily maintains a weak trend, waiting for the low point to arouse the downstream bottom-hunting orders, which will lead to the arrival of the rebound market.

Silicone oil market: As the price of silicone oil in the main monomer factories has not changed significantly, the silicone oil market was weak and stable last week. As of July 31, the silicone oil market quotation range was 24,500-25,000 yuan / ton. In terms of cost, DMC has fallen significantly, and there is room for downside for silicone oil, but the single factory is still bidding, and silicone oil companies are waiting to see. . In terms of foreign brand silicone oil, domestic trading was light, and the agent's quotation was weak and downward. The quotation range was 26,500-27,500 yuan / ton, down 0.92% for the week.

On the demand side, downstream manufacturers purchase on demand, and the enthusiasm for inquiries is acceptable, but it is somewhat difficult to transmit to the terminal. At present, the demand for downstream silicone rubber and textile silicone oil has not improved. Some manufacturers have repeatedly compressed their profits, and the operating rate has also reduced production. Most of them are based on sales. In terms of export orders: the export orders of silicone oil manufacturers declined significantly in July. Judging from recent inquiries, it is not expected that export orders will pick up in August.

On the whole, the price of silicone oil has not yet touched the cost, so the desire to hoard goods in the downstream has not been fully opened. It is expected that the silicone oil market will follow this week. If the cost rebounds and the downstream supplies are replenished periodically, the weak trend of silicone oil will reverse again.

Cracking material market: now the cracking material market is completely kidnapped by waste silica gel. Last week, some new materials have fallen by 1800 in a row, while the burrs have dropped slightly to 7800~8200 yuan / ton. The upside down continues to suppress the cracking material enterprises. At present, the loss of the cracking material DMC and 107 rubber is not good enough. There is only a little space for low-viscosity silicone oil. . Under the random hype of burr recyclers, most cracking material plants have stopped production to reduce production or converted some new material production.

In the short term, it is still difficult to change the upside-down pattern of cracking materials, and it is difficult to increase the volume of waste silica gel transactions at high prices. In difficult times, we should work together, but the contradiction between supply and demand has been magnified. It's waste silica.

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