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Dyeing Procedure of Disperse Dyes

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Dyeing Procedure of Disperse Dyes

High temperature high pressure dyeing

High temperature high pressure dyeing is carried out using a closed type dyeing machines such as cheese, beam, jet, jig or liquor flow type according to the form of the material.

General dyeing conditions are as follows:

-About 1-2g/L dispersing agent is added to dyeing liquor and then PH value of the liquor is adjusted to 5-6 with acetic acid or buffer solution (acetic acid and sodiumacetate). The dyeing liquor is then gradually raised from 40-60℃to 125-135℃, and cot this temperature the dyeing is continued for 39-90min.

-And also dyeing temperature and dyeing time differ with the form of the material, the dye concentration and dyeing apparatus. Therefore, it is important to select the suitable dyeing condition.

Dyeing process for nylon, triacetate, polyester and acrylic fibers.

At A set bath at 50℃

dyeing process

1 gl Add Neutrasol NST (Buffer)

At B add Duracet Dyes (pre-dispersed)

In heavy depths a mild reduction clear is advisable to ensure good wet fastness levels

-After dyeing by various methods, reduction cleaning is carried out generally, unfixed dye on the fiber surface is removed by this treatment.

-Color of the dye itself as well as good rubbing and wetfastness are obtained.

-The condition of reduction cleaning is generally asfollows

2g/L Hydrosulphite

3ml/L caustic soda 38℃

Temperature:70℃ Time:10-15min

Carrier dyeing

Carrier dyeing is carried out under atmosphere pressure by an addition of carrier to the dyeing liquor.Methylnaphthalene or chlorobenzene type carrier is used generally,which is added in concentration of 2-7 g/L to the dyeing liquor.

Other conditions of the dyeing liquor are the same as those for high temperature dyeing. The temperature is raised gradually from 40-60℃ and continued for 90-120min at 100℃

In carrier dyeing, in some case the troubles such as tarring of dye or carrier spot are taken from the no stability of emulsifier in the carrier under high temperature or some other conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to select the carrier so as to prevent the troubles.

Reduction cleaning as stated in high temperature high pressure dyeing.

Thermosol dyeing

Thermosol dyeing is a continuous dyeing method which is applied mainly for the polyester/ cotton blended materials. General dyeing condition is as follows.

Dye and 0.5-2g/L of migration inhibiter (for examplesodium alginate) and also wetting agent if necessary are added to the padding liquor.

Squeezing is carried out 1 dip 1 nip at room temperature, pick up 65-70%. Drying at 70-90℃.

After padding and intermediate drying, thermosol fixation is carried out by dry heating for 60-120 sec. at 180-210℃depending on the form of the material and type of disperse dyes.

-E type:180-190℃ X60-120 sec

-SE type:180-200℃ X60-1120 sec

-S type:200-210℃ X60-120 sec

Reduction cleaning as stated in high temperature high pressure dyeing.

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