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How to improve the success rate of dyeing?

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Polyester is generally dyed with disperse dyes. Disperse dyes do not contain strong water-soluble groups and are dyed in a dispersed state during the dyeing process. A class of ionic dyes can be divided into three types according to dyeing temperature or sublimation fastness, S type, SE type , Type E.

When choosing disperse dyes, try to use the same type of dyes. If there is only one model difference due to the needs of color shade or light and shade, you must not choose across models. If you choose a combination of three primary colors across models, the color synchronization of the dyes will be poor. , it will inevitably lead to large color difference and cylinder difference, and the color of the cloth surface is not pure. At the same time, because it is sensitive to process conditions, it is easy to produce abnormal color patterns, resulting in a very low success rate of dyeing.

The same color light, for example, red has a blue-tinged rose red, and there is a yellow-colored red. When we choose a combination of dyes, we must adhere to the principle of closeness and similarity, so that the color reproducibility will be high, such as dyeing a red light. If you use red, yellow and black for color matching, you should try to use black with red light for color matching. If you choose black with green light for color matching, not only the amount of red dye in the formula will increase, but it will also cause The vat when dyeing is very different.

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