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How to solve the color spots in reactive dyeing?

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Reactive dyes mainly include s-triazine and vinyl sulfone types, especially vinyl sulfone type dyes, when encountering alkali, the solubility decreases and the reactivity increases sharply. . Brilliant blue KN-R is easy to aggregate and has poor solubility. Especially after adding Yuanming powder, it is easy to cause color spots if the process is wrong or the operation is not in accordance with the standard. Color point, so the pH of the cloth surface should be strictly controlled; Cuilan KN-G molecules are larger, and the leveling property is poor, and a high-temperature leveling process can be added, otherwise it is easy to cause color stains.

Generally, there is no good solution for color spots, color stains, and color flowers, except for dyeing and stripping. But first test a small sample in the laboratory to see if the abnormality can be covered after the dyeing, or whether it can be dyed back to the previous color after stripping. Before dyeing, the hydrosulfite should be fully washed, acid neutralized, and overflow washed. As for brighter colors, oxygen bleaching should be performed. After oxygen bleaching, oxygen should be removed, and the oxygen content should be measured by overflow washing for 3 minutes. Stripping destroys the chromophore, and the dye matrix is still connected to the fabric and occupies the dye seat. To achieve the same depth, the amount of dye is generally increased.

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