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Knowing that you are interested in reactive dyes, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • What should be paid attention to in production before the cold -rolled pile of textiles?


    Before the cold rolling pile, the treatment should be in production:① Use a multi -rolling rolling method to ensure that the liquid penetration is evenly consistent. Generally, two grooves are used, and the front grooves are rolled with three rollers, and the rear grooves are used with two rollers.② Read More

  • How to set the stacking time before the cold rolling pile of textiles?


    In the processing process in front of the cold rolling pile, its stacking time is a non -processing process in front of the cold rolling pile. The stacking time is a very important process parameter. , 12h, 16H, 24H, etc. As for why this stacking time is used, few people pay attention and think abou Read More

  • Improvement of wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyed deep-color dyed fabrics


    Improving the wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyed deep-colored fabrics is one of the important ways to improve the quality of textiles and overcome the export barriers of textiles.The main reasons for the poor wet rubbing fastness of textiles are the floating color transfer of water-soluble dyes a Read More

  • What is the effect of reactive dyeing salts on the dyeing process?


    There are many varieties of reactive dyes, complete chromatography, simple process and relatively low price, so they are widely used. If color difference, color flower or cylinder difference occurs after dyeing, it is usually necessary to re-dye or repair the fabric. This not only affects the produc Read More

  • Influence of alkaline agent in reactive dyeing and key points of use


    The water solubility of reactive dyes is very good, but this characteristic is greatly affected by some substances or auxiliaries, which is often overlooked. In the dyeing process of reactive dyes, the problem of color difference or poor dyeing reproducibility occurs from time to time, which is ofte Read More

  • Reactive Dyes for Printing


    Reactive dyes maintain an important position in dyes for cellulose fiber printing. The selection of such dyes should pay attention to three aspects: lifting power, compatibility and easy washing. The lifting force is printed with different dye concentrations to obtain different depths. After reachin Read More

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