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Identification of dyes on wool fabrics

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1. Important experimental materials, chemicals and instruments

Dyeing wool fabric, white wool, ammonia, ammonia, dilute sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium nitrate, acetic acid, sodium ethyleine tetable, glycerin, burn cup, amount tube, thermometer, porcelain cricket.

2. Experimental steps

Put 0.2g of dyed wool fabrics in 50ml of burn, add 10-20m1 distilled water and 1-2ml ammonia water, heated to boiling, soak the dye on the fabric in water, neutralize the immersion fluid with dilute sulfuric acid, and make the dye solution present the solution. Acid, add 0.2g white wool to heated to 1-2min in boiling dyeing. The upper dye wool is acidic dye or type 1: 1 acidic containing media dyes; if the wool can be dyed but the color is very light, type 1: 2 acidic containing media dyes; Dry the wool of the wool may be a matchmaker dye.

High temperatures divide the ash to oxidize and then cool. Observe the color of oxides. If it is yellow, it contains chromium (yellow when the melt is hot, and the yellow disappears after cooling is less than less); if it is blue, it contains diamonds;

There is no metal ion in the gray score identification, and it is acidic dye; diamond or manganese detection in the gray score identification can be determined as type 1: 2 acidic containing media dyes; Acidal media dyes or type 1: 2 acidic media dyes.

In addition, the sodium tetharium tetharium ethylene amine is dissolved in 25g glycerin, put it in the sample and heated it to 140 ° C, and observe it. 1: Type 2 acidic media dye

Combined with the above methods, comprehensive analysis can know the type of dye on the single wool fabric.

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