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Introduction to the principle and performance of new environmentally friendly additives

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In recent years, people's attention to environmental protection has led to the emergence of a series of environmentally friendly products. As an indispensable agent in textile processing, auxiliaries are no exception, and many environmentally friendly products have appeared.

1. Environmentally friendly multifunctional pretreatment agent

They are environmentally friendly pretreatment agents that combine wetting, cleaning, stabilizing or dispersing, chelating, and calcium crystallization resistance, and are easily biodegradable. For example, Sando?Clean T10liq from Clariant is a kind of wet A three-in-one environmentally friendly scouring and bleaching aid that integrates cleaning, cleaning and stabilization; Ciba's In?vatexODnew is also a compound scouring and bleaching aid, which combines the two-step process of desizing and alkaline cooking into one.


2. Environmentally friendly scouring agent

The focus of development in recent years is to not use alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether surfactants to synthesize, for example, use another olefin sulfonate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, fatty alcohol slate and other types of surfactants. They do not contain alkyl phenols and have excellent biodegradability; in addition, they are replaced by alkyl polyglycosides, which are non-ionic surfactants made from glucose or starch. They are non-toxic, non-irritating, and easy to The characteristics of biodegradation, etc., are called a new generation of green surfactants. The environmentally friendly scouring agents made with these new replacement products include KieralonOLBConc (suitable for various scouring processes), LaventinLNB (for low-humidity scouring), LusyntonSE (organic extractant for scouring), scouring agent ZS-95, etc. For example, the scouring agent ZS-95 is a high-performance low-foam scouring agent for cotton fabrics developed in my country. It can be completely biodegradable within 48 hours, and can be alkali-resistant to 150g/L. The treated fabric has excellent water absorption and very Good wetting and cleansing properties, without phosphorus and alkylphenols.


3. Scouring enzyme

It is a kind of biological enzyme used for scouring, such as scouring enzyme SKD is a multi-element complex enzyme composed of pectinase, lipase and amylase, which has the effect of scouring fabrics.

4. Environmentally friendly oxygen bleaching stabilizer and environmentally friendly chelating agent

In recent years, environmentally friendly chelating agents such as diethylenetriamine pentaethylene phosphonic acid (DTPMP) and sodium polyacrylate (PASS) have been developed. They not only have strong metal ion complexing ability, excellent descaling effect, but also easy to biodegrade. The products that have entered the market include PrestogerPL, SandopurRC, SandopurRSK, Securon540, Mirokai54H, etc. The chelating agent S produced in my country is also an environmentally friendly chelating agent composed of organic phosphonates as the main material and supplemented by special synergistic ingredients, and its performance has reached the same level in foreign countries. The level of the product. In addition, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer GJ-201 is an environmentally friendly oxygen bleaching stabilizer with excellent performance. It is composed of a copolymer of carbohydrate compounds and carboxylic acid compounds. It has excellent chelating properties and biodegradability, and good resistance. Alkaline, good compatibility with a variety of additives, large activation energy (62.26 kJ/mole), non-decomposing at 100°C, and other characteristics, similar to the nature of alkyl glycosides.

With the improvement of people's quality of life and fierce competition in international trade, environmentally-friendly pretreatment agents will have greater development, and we will wait and see.

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