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Latest News and Updates on Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on textile auxiliaries and dyes from Tiankun Chemical.

dyeing and printing auxiliary

These articles are all highly relevant dyeing and printing auxiliary. I believe this information can help you understand dyeing and printing auxiliary's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • What Should I Do If The Dyeing Depth of Polyester And Its Blends Cannot Reach The Required Level, And The Imitation Color Proofing Cannot Match The Customer’s Sample?


    During the dyeing and finishing process of knitted fabrics, some unexpected quality defects often occur. If they cannot be dealt with in a timely and effective manner, they will affect the progress of the entire process and cause serious economic losses to production. Some young printing and dyeing Read More
  • What Is Continuous Dyeing


    Continuous Dyeing is continuous dyeing. The tension of dyes is large. It is usually used for large -scale dyeing processing of fabrics, and labor productivity is high. The machine used by rolling dye is generally used for continuous rolling machines. The continuous rolling machine consists of some unit machines. It mainly includes unit devices such as rolling (dipping device), fixing, flat washing, drying, and steaming. Read More
  • Four Methods To Improve The Dyeing Quality of Overflow Dyeing Machines


    Overflow dyeing machines have a maximum nominal capacity, and this nominal capacity is not suitable for all fabrics. Therefore, during production, it is necessary to determine the actual capacity of the overflow dyeing machine according to different conditions such as the thickness and width of the fabric. For fabrics of the same width, the lighter and thinner they are, the smaller their capacity is. This is because if light and thin fabrics are fed according to the nominal capacity, the length of the fabric will inevitably be too long, and the cycle during dyeing will be long, which will easily cause the fabric to knot due to disorder in the dyeing room, causing fabric spots. Read More
  • What are the general categories of cleaning agent solvents?


    What are the general categories of cleaning agent solvents?Cleaning agents are a large category of textile auxiliaries, and there are many types, including inorganic cleaning and organic cleaning. The only difference between organic cleaning agents and inorganic cleaning agents is that organic clean Read More
  • The application of medium temperature reactive dye impregnation auxiliaries should be correct


    The application of medium temperature reactive dye impregnation auxiliaries should be correctApplication of electrolyte1. The amount of electrolyte appliedAfter testing, most medium-temperature reactive dyes are dyed in dark colors, and the maximum amount of electrolyte should be less than 70g/L; fo Read More
  • What are the common types of leveling agents?


    What are the common types of leveling agents?There are generally three types of leveling agents:1. Modified polysiloxane type leveling agentThis type of leveling agent can strongly reduce the surface tension of the coating, improve the wettability of the coating to the substrate, and prevent shrinka Read More
  • Introduction to the principle and performance of new environmentally friendly additives


    Introduction to the principle and performance of new environmentally friendly additivesIn recent years, people's attention to environmental protection has led to the emergence of a series of environmentally friendly products. As an indispensable agent in textile processing, auxiliaries are no except Read More
  • Knowledge of fur dyeing auxiliaries


    Knowledge of fur dyeing auxiliariesSurfactant dye auxiliariesSurfactants are an important class of chemical materials with unique structures and properties. They are widely used in daily life and industrial production. Degreasing agents, immersion additives, levelling agents and other chemicals used Read More
  • Printing and dyeing auxiliaries description


    Printing and dyeing auxiliaries descriptionPrinting and dyeing auxiliaries are auxiliaries used in the process of fabric printing and dyeing, which can improve the effect of printing and dyeing. They include printing auxiliaries and dyeing auxiliaries. Printing auxiliaries include thickeners, adhesi Read More



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