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Performance of nylon

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Strong, good abrasion resistance, ranking first among all fibers. Its abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent.

Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under a small external force, so its fabric is easy to wrinkle during wearing.Poor ventilation and easy to generate static electricity.The moisture absorption of nylon fabric is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so the clothes made of nylon are more comfortable to wear than polyester clothes.It has good resistance to moth and corrosion.The heat and light resistance are not good enough, the ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 ℃. Pay attention to the conditions of washing and maintenance in the process of wearing and using, so as not to damage the fabric.

Nylon fabric is a light fabric, which is only listed after polypropylene and acrylic fabrics in synthetic fiber fabrics. Therefore, it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes and winter clothing.

The most common nylon products on the market are nylon 6 and nylon 66.

Nylon 6: The full name is polycaprolactam fiber, which is polymerized by caprolactam.

Nylon 66: The full name is polyhexamethylene adipamide fiber, which is polymerized by adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

Generally speaking, nylon 66 feels better than nylon 6, and the comfort of nylon 66 is also better than nylon 6, but it is difficult to distinguish nylon 6 from nylon 66 on the surface.

The common characteristics of nylon 6 and nylon 66: poor light resistance, under long-term sunlight and ultraviolet light, the strength decreases and the color becomes yellow; its heat resistance is not good enough, and it changes after 5 hours at 150°C Yellow, the strength and elongation decrease significantly, and the shrinkage rate increases. Nylon 6, 66 filaments have good low temperature resistance, and their resilience does not change much when the temperature is below minus 70°C. Its direct current conductivity is very low, and it is easy to generate static electricity due to friction during processing. Its conductivity increases with the increase of moisture absorption, and increases with the increase of humidity according to the law of exponential function. Nylon 6, 66 filaments have strong resistance to microbial action, and their resistance to microbial action in silt water or alkali is second only to that of chlorinated fiber. In terms of chemical properties, nylon 6, 66 filaments have alkali resistance and reducing agent resistance, but they have poor performance in acid resistance and oxidant resistance.

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