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Pretreatment for nylon

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The nylon fabric contains less miscellaneous, and the purpose of refined is to remove fiber in the process of spinning and weaving.

The oil and other dirt. So often combine the retreat or cooking drift. Synthetic agents are commonly used in soap or synthetic detergent. For severe dirty, a small amount of soda and phosphate can be added to the stained.

Nylon fabrics can usually be refined on the dye dye or overflow dyeing equipment.

Precision solution prescription:

Remove oil and refined 5g/L

Osmotic agent JFC 0.1 ~ 0.2g/L

Ponhydal 5g/L or sodium phosphate 2 ~ 5g/L

Insurance powder (reducing bleach) 0.5 ~ 1g/L 0.5 ~ 1g/L

Bath ratio 1: 4

Craft conditions:

The refined temperature must gradually hear the temperature: 50 ° C, 1 path → 70 ° C, 1 lane → 85 ° C, 1 path → 95 ° C, 4-70 ~ 80 ° C hot water was washed and rolled cold water. Otherwise, nylon fabrics are prone to wrinkles.



Nylon itself is relatively white. Except for varieties with high whiteness, no bleaching is generally required. Sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide have degraded and brittle hair yellowing for nylon, so nylon bleach is multi -use sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium. However, due to the high requirements and storage requirements of sodium chloride, this bleaching method is rarely used. At present, more applications are added with fluorescent whitening agent.


Predetermined shape

The purpose of the predetermined shape is to correct the distortion and wrinkles of fiber during the textile process, eliminate the internal stress of the fabric in the processing, ensure that the fabric is refined and flattened, and prevent defects such as strip flowers, wrinkles and chicken feet flowers during dyeing. Diseases, at the same time make the fabric size stable, and improve the performance of fabrics.

The scheduled shape can be performed before refined or dyeing, but if the fabric is placed on the slurry such as polyethylene alcoholic aids, it must be retired first and then fixed. Increasing the difficulty of degradation and cooking, and affecting the appearance quality of the fabric.

Common needle plate fixed machines are scheduled, because this fixed machine has a super -fed device. When the fixed shape is fixed, the latitude pulling force should be small. The predetermined conditions are not only related to the type of nylon, but also related to the dyeing machinery and equipment used in the future.

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