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These articles are all highly relevant acid dyes. I believe this information can help you understand acid dyes's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Overview of Acid Dyes


    Acid Dyes are a class of water-soluble dyes with acidic groups in their structure, which are dyed in acidic media. Most of the acid dyes contain sulfonic acid sodium salt, which is soluble in water, bright in color and complete in chromatogram. Mainly used for dyeing wool, silk and nylon, but also f Read More

  • How to choose and use acid dyes


    Acid dyes are only suitable for positively charged fibers, such as polyamide fibers in an acid bath, but cotton fibers can also be dyed with acid dyes after cationization.When dyeing with two dyes, the structure of the dye and the structure of the cationic cotton dominate.Better wash fastness can be Read More

  • Solubility Treatment of Acid Dyes


    With the use of small liquor ratio and continuous dyeing process, the degree of automation of printing and dyeing has been continuously improved, the emergence of automatic fillers and pulp mixing, and the introduction of liquid dyes require the preparation of high-concentration and high-stability d Read More

  • What are the precautions for fabric color reduction?


    1. It is easier to dye nylon with disperse dyes using alkali agents to reduce the color, but the shade changes greatly, and the darkening is serious.2. For dyeing nylon with neutral dyes, soda ash treatment has almost no color reduction ability, and the shade changes, caustic soda has the color redu Read More

  • What is Nylon 6?


    Nylon 6 is a type of polymer material with characteristic structure amide bonds on the main chain of macromolecules, and its dyeing performance is similar to wool. It has excellent strength, abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, light texture and other good wearing properties, and it occupies an i Read More

  • When dyeing, do you know the precautions for acid dyes?


    When dyeing, do you know the precautions for acid dyes?The biggest performance defect of acid dye dip dyeing nylon is its dependence on the pH value of the dyeing bath, that is, its dyeing rate and amount will change significantly with the fluctuation of the pH value of the dyeing bath. According to Read More

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