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Research on preparation of biological antibacterial agents and its modified PVA film preservation research

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Research on preparation of biological antibacterial agents and its modified PVA film preservation research

Wu Tongyu, Liu Erkang, Wu Liu Yishun, Liu Yuejun, Wang Tianshu, Shi Yan, Feng Jianxiang

(School of Packaging and Materials Engineering, Hunan University of Technology, 412007, Zhuzhou, Hunan)

Abstract: Objective To increase the antibacterial properties of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a film as a food packaging material, promote the development and application of biological green environmental protection auxiliary agents, and promote the concept of green packaging. Methods The raw material design synthetic series of biological base canvy antibacterial agents is designed with vanilla aldehyde, chromine, cysteine, tyrosine, susteine, phenylalanine, etc. The film is a structural representation and thermal performance test of the antibacterial agent, and the antibacterial composite film is performed for mechanical performance, humidity performance, antibacterial performance, and preservation of freshness. Results that the five new type of amino acid amino -alkaline antibacterial agents have good antibacterial properties, and the prepared thin film extends the shelf period of the virgin fruit 2 ~ 4 days. Conclusion The new green environmentally friendly biological Kiefer alkali antibacterial agent has excellent antibacterial properties, improves the antibacterial performance of PVA, extends the shelf period of the saint fruit, and promotes the development of green packaging.

Keywords: antibacterial agent; biological group; vanilla aldehyde; amino acid; green packaging

The vanilla aldehyde from biological bases and 5 amino acids are prepared for a new natural biological Kimiline antibacterial agent. The synthetic process is simple, the antibacterial properties are excellent, and the biocompatibility is good. After completing the natural biological Kief -alkaline antibacterial agent and PVA, prepared a thin film for the freshness of the virgin fruit, and the antibacterial agent was added to the PVA film to improve the humidity and antibacterial performance of the film, preventing the packaging of packaging and microbial infection and microbial infection. The cause of the virgin fruits rotted and extended the shelf period of the maiden fruit. The low movement of antibacterial agents in the membrane ensures the safety of the film in use. Due to the irreplaceability of oil resources and the emergence of "white pollution" problems, research and development of new green materials is the general trend. All raw materials in the article are pure natural degradation. A positive contribution has a very broad application prospect.


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