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Polyethylene (PVA), nature, application, storage

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Scientific name: polyvinol

English name: polyvinyl alcohol

English abbreviation: PVA

Polyethylene (PVA) is made of ethyl acetate by polymerization and alcohol solution. It is a white, stable, non -toxic water -soluble polymer, powder, sheet, or flocculent solid.

Acetone, gasoline and other organic solvents


Physical and chemical

1. Physical properties

A. Solubility: Polyethylene glycol powder can be dissolved in water. Polyvinyl alcohol resin (PVA) with a degree of alcohol is less than 95%, which can be dissolved in room temperature water, and polyethylene alcohol resin (PVA) with a degree of alcohol than 99.5%can only dissolve in hot water above 95 ° C.

B. Thermal stability: The polyvinylene is softened when heated, and there is no significant change below 40 ° C. The glass temperature: 75 ~ 85 ° C, heated to slowly change color and brittleness above 100 ° C. Above 160 ° C, long -term heating will gradually color, dehydrate ether, loses dissolving; decomposes at 220 ° C, and generates water, acetic acid, acetaldehyde, and butthonetal. polymer.

C. Chemistry resistance: PVA is almost unprepted by weak acid, weak alkali or organic solvents, and has high oil resistance.

D. Storage stability: PVA is a low -viscosity polymer, and its aqueous solution is very stable at room temperature. The aqueous solution will not deteriorate during storage.

E. Membership: Due to the high stickiness between PVA molecules, the PVA is easy to form, and the film has a thin film colorless transparency. It has good mechanical strength. The surface is smooth and not sticky. The molecular membrane has good light transmission, high moisture permeability, no power, no vacuum, good printing.

2. Chemical properties

PVA can be regarded as a linear polymer with a hydroxyl group. The hydroxyl groups in the molecule have high activity, and can perform typical chemical reactions of low alcohol, such as esterization, etherization, aldehydes, etc., and can also react with many inorganic compounds or organic compounds.


Packing, transportation and storage:

Product appearance: white flocculent, sheet, powder -like solid. This product is non -dangerous, without explosion, anaerobic, non -corrosion, no radioactivity, non -toxic and harmful.

1. Packing

12.5 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg of plastic bags or paper bags, 750kg ~ 1000kg plastic tons bag packaging.

2. Transportation

Use clean transportation tools to prevent moisture, rain prevention, sun protection, and put them lightly during transportation to prevent scraping or breaking packaging.

3. Storage

In a dry and ventilated room, room temperature is 5-30 ° C. Do not approach the heat source, prevent humidity strictly, and avoid sunlight. It is strictly forbidden to store it with volatile chemicals to prevent adsorption and deterioration.



Polyethylene glycol resin (PVA) aquatic solution has good membrane and emulsification. It can be used as a protective colloid when the polymer emulsification and suspension aggregation reaction.

Polyvinyl alcohol can be used in textile slurry, Pooh fiber, papermaking coating, building materials, adhesives, PVA membranes, PVB raw materials, food and medicine and other fields. Agent, quenching agent, etc. In addition, with the continuous development and improvement of PVA performance, its purpose is continuously expanding.

Polyethylene glycol (PVA) each model use

1. Winunlun raw material:

Polyethylene glycol is dissolved and spinked, and then the formal aldehyde can be made to obtain Vinon fiber. It can be made of Vinon textiles with cotton, wool, adhesive fiber, etc., and is widely used in clothing, panton cloth, and curtain lines. , Fish Net Rope, etc. Generally, the average aggregation is 1750 ± 50, that is, PVA17-99 as a spinning raw material.

2. Meridumulum:

A. The slurry, which is mainly adjusted by polyvinyl alcohol, has good adhesiveness for cotton, hemp, polyester, and vitamin sticky fiber. Reduce the meridian friction and bending during the weaving process. The intense exercise such as stretching causes the veil to break, and the fabric is broken. And the weaving cloth feels stiff. Smooth and delicate, the cloth surface is not rough.

B. Polyethylene is a water -soluble polymer compound, which is very convenient to mix, rubbing, and degenerate. Generally, polyvinyl alcohol (such as PVA15-99, 16-99, 17-99) with low average polymerization is good.

3. Adhesive:

A. The aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol has a strong adhesion to the material containing cellulose (such as paper, cloth, wood, etc.), which has the advantages of safe and non -toxic. wait. Packing heavy objects such as cement, fertilizer, grain, etc. Crucket bags also use PVA as adhesives.

B. Moistorized mileohyde resin and phenolic resin can be used as a palette and artificial board adhesive with polyethylene alcohol.

C. Polyethylene alcohol water solution (by adding appropriate fillers and auxiliary agents) is also widely used to prepare the adhesives required to connect paper connections such as printing binding, paper tube, carton and other paper products.

D. Under the action of acid catalytic, polyvinyl alcohol is contracted with formaldehyde, butyl, acetaldehyde, or other aldehydes, which can generate polyethylene alcohol shrinkings with stronger water resistance, adhesion, and mechanical strength (such as PVAF (such as PVAF , PVB) widely used in construction, coatings, adhesives, safety glass expansion and other fields. With the increased PVA aggregation, the viscosity of the aldarous substance increases.

E, polyethylene alcohol is an excellent protective colloid and dispersion agent of emulsion (white glue) to produce emulsifiers (white glue) with other monomers, which is essential in the production of white glue. Generally, the polymer alcohol polymerization increases, and the viscosity of the production of production increases. Part of the alcoholic polyvinylene (17-88) is used with a complete alcoholic polyethylene (such as 17-99, 19-99, etc.). The use of some alcoholic polyvinyl alcohol can increase the stability of the lotion. Use Complete alcoholic polyvinyl alcohol can increase emulsion water resistance.

4. Paper processing:

A. Polyvinyl can be used as a paper surface in the papermaking industry as a paper surface. It has the characteristics of good membrane and high skin strength. Nature and chemical resistance. Choose PVA with average polymerization of 1750 ± 50 as a paper surface for paper.

B. Pigmeter processing agent: It can improve the whiteness and gloss of coating paper, print the gloss, bright color, and improve paper. Select polyethylene alcohol with high polymerization.

C. Inner gels for paper: Add powder polyvinyl alcohol and use the pulp and paper to copy paper when making paper, so that the paper is high. Select polyethylene alcohol with high polymerization.

5. Polyethylene film is made of a thin film made of this product. It has good transparency, high tensile and crack resistance, good humidity, good air -to -air, oil -resistant, organic drugs, without static electricity, so it is suitable for the packaging of textiles.


product price

The price of polyvinyl alcohol with different uses is large. The general market price is 10 ~ 50 yuan/kg, and the average price is 30.5 yuan/kg.

In order to solve the problems of disorderly expansion of epoxy resin production capacity, shortage of special products, difficulty in emerging fields, and imbalance in the development of resin and curing agents. At the same time, the current status of domestic basic amine, organic amine and modifiers, application prospects, domesticization processes, and alleviating "one amine is difficult to find".


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