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Scope of application of graphene fibers

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Fiber graphene inner warm fiber is a new intelligent multi-functional fiber material composed of biomass graphene and various fibers. It has low temperature and far-infrared functions that exceed the international advanced level, and integrates anti-static functions.


Graphene inner warm fiber filaments and staple fibers have complete specifications. The staple fibers can be blended with other fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and linen, and other fibers such as polyester acrylic fibers. The filaments can be interwoven with various fibers to prepare different functions. yarn fabric required.


In the textile field, it can be made into socks, baby clothing, home fabrics, outdoor clothing, etc. Graphene inner heating fiber can also be used in the field of clothing, and can also be used in vehicle interiors, beauty and hygiene materials, friction materials, filter materials, etc.


Graphene inner warm fleece material Graphene inner warm fleece is produced by blending and spinning the biomass graphene evenly in polyester blank slices. This technology not only makes full use of available low-cost biomass resources, but also fully displays the function of biomass graphene into fibers, and obtains new textile materials with high performance and high added value.


Graphene inner warm fleece material has multi-functional properties such as far-infrared heating, warmth and breathability, and anti-static. As a filling material, it is used in quilts, down jackets, etc., which is of great significance to enhance the innovation ability of the textile industry and promote the development of high value-added products and markets. value.


Biomass graphene regenerated cellulose fibers can be combined and blended with cotton, modal, viscose, acrylic, wool, hemp, polyester, etc. to make a variety of high-quality blended fabrics for making high-end underwear, socks, Sportswear, infant clothing, high-quality high-quality features outstanding.


Biomass graphene is evenly dispersed in polyester blank slices for blending and spinning to produce filling materials, which can be used in quilts, sleeping bags, down jackets, pillows, cushions and other textiles. Low temperature far infrared, antistatic, breathable and hygroscopic functions.


Biomass graphene is added to polyurethane and latex foam for making pillow cores, neck protectors and other furniture items. The unique low-temperature far-infrared function regulates blood circulation and metabolism in human sleep, effectively relaxes muscles, relieves fatigue, and breathes and absorbs moisture. And antibacterial and antibacterial properties, to maintain a clean sleeping environment for you.

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