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Sea freight in Southeast Asia increases

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According to the review of freight forwarders in some markets, as well as the newly launched price increase notices of many shipping companies, sea freight in Southeast Asia is beginning to take off! It is reported that the reason for the surge may be related to the cancellation of multiple flights in Southeast Asia. The reasons for the recent price increase in the industry are as follows:


Southeast Asia Thailand line: TRX, CV6 are removed, the market space is reduced by 900T, CUL has withdrawn one ship, the space is less than 500T, PIL and RCL two ships often do not come, the space is less than 300T, the above total is 1,700T;


The market’s original capacity of 5000 was reduced to 3300, and the port was blocked for 4 days. The original 14-day round trip became 18 days, and the capacity was reduced by 22% to 2574 Teus per week;


The market volume is normal at 3,500 Teus, and the current peak season is 4K per week, with a gap of 1,400 Teus, accounting for 36%, because the backlog ratio of goods continues to rise.


A hard-to-find container has begun to appear in some Southeast Asian ports, and the latest price increase notice from shipping companies shows that the skyrocketing freight rates in Southeast Asia are not groundless!


The following is the price increase notice issued this week by CMA CGM's CNC, which focuses on the Asian market, and the increase is not small!


From Shekou Port to Bangkok and Laem Chabang Port in Thailand, the price increases by USD350/700/700; from Shekou to Incheon, Busan and other ports, the price increases directly by USD500/1000/1000


Many Southeast Asian sellers are worried about the skyrocketing freight rates. They complained even more after seeing the notices of surcharges and suspension of services flying in the sky from shipping companies.

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