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The basic process and dyeing method of dyeing

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According to the perspective of modern dyeing theory, the reason why dyes can be dyed in dyeing fiber have a certain degree of fastness on the fiber fabric, because the dye molecules and fiber molecules exist in various gravity, the principles and principles of dyes and various types of dyes The dyeing process is very different due to the characteristics of dyes and fiber, which cannot be generalized, but as far as the dyeing process is concerned, it can be roughly divided into three basic stages.


When the fiber is put into a dye bath, the dye spreads to the surface of the fiber first, and then gradually moves from the solution to the fiber surface. This process is called adsorption.

Over time, the dye concentration on the fiber gradually increases, while the dye concentration in the solution gradually decreases, and after a period of time, it reaches a balance. The adsorption reverse process is to solve the suction, and adsorption and reconciliation during the upper dyeing process exist at the same time.


The process of dyes shifted from the fiber surface to the internal fiber.

Due to the adsorption of dyes on the surface of the fiber, the concentration of dyes on the fiber surface increases, resulting in differences between the dye concentration between the fibers. Driven by the difference in concentration, the dye gradually spread to the internal fiber, and the dye dye on the fiber in the fiber was uniform to achieve the purpose of dyeing and dyeing.


The fixation of dyes refers to the process of dyes evenly distributed on the fiber after diffusion on the fiber and fiber.


Depending on the dye processing objects, the dyeing method can be mainly divided into clothing chromosome, fabric dyeing (the main split fabric chromatography, knitted fabric chromatography and non -weaving materials dyeing), yarn dyeing The axis gauze and the continuous meridian dyeing) and the scattered fiber dyeing.

Among them, the application of fabric dyeing is the most widely used. The garment dyeing refers to the method of processing the textile materials into clothing. The dyeing method is used for dyeing. The yarn dyeing is mostly used for the fabric and knitted fabrics of the web. Sandy fibrous dyeing is mainly used for color textile materials.

Depending on the different ways of dyeing and fabrics (dyeing processes), it can be divided into two types: immersion and rolling dye.

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