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Since the beginning of this year, everyone will obviously feel that the frequency of tie-dye is getting higher and higher, not only in many big-name items, but also being planted by more and more stars.

Although tie-dye is often complained as a rustic design, as long as it is well matched, this element can add a lot of highlights.

The most popular area for tie-dye is in North America, and its popularity can be traced back to the hippie culture period of the United States in the 1960s. At that time, young boys and girls all pursued freedom and an advanced lifestyle. 

Anti-traditional aesthetics is one of the characteristics of the hippie spirit. Free, unrestrained and bright tie-dye designs have been accepted and loved since that time.

It's just that the colors of the popular tie-dye designs at that time were very rich, and the overall shape was somewhat psychedelic. More often, it expresses a brave and unrestrained spirit.

But in terms of fashion, the colors and styles of today's tie-dye designs will be closer to daily life and will be more beautiful.

If you want to try tie-dye, but don't want to be too fancy, you can choose this tie-dye design on the beaver-monochrome tie-dye. Monochrome tie-dye is easier to match with a single product. As long as the color system is unified and coordinated, there will be no mistakes. As long as you choose the right color and pattern, the tie-dye suit is also very beautiful.

Monochrome tie-dye is the easiest item to match, and it is easy to choose other items of the same color to bring out the overall atmosphere. The brown color is very comfortable. The pink-orange collocation presents a very lively and playful color sense, and at the same time play some bold collocations on the irregular tie-dye design.

Tie-dye is actually more interesting because you can design it yourself. Many foreign bloggers will choose to buy tie-dye materials by themselves and do their own tie-dye at home.

First of all, the most important thing is that we first choose the items that we want to tie-dye. The editor has read a lot of guides and concluded that the easiest to make is a white T-shirt made of pure cotton. After confirming the clothes, wash them with water first, which is good for later coloring.

The next step is to fix the shape of the clothes. This step will determine the trend of the tie-dye pattern after coloring.

After determining the shape, you can color different areas according to the color system you have matched. This step can be bold and unrestrained, because tie-dyeing is a very casual and free design, so you don’t need to be too restrictive.

After the coloring is over, remember to put it in a fresh-keeping bag or plastic bag and let it sit for 6-8 hours to allow the color to bloom fully, and then wash and dry. Finally, just wait to see the finished product, it must be full of surprises~

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