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US media: It’s hard to not use Xinjiang cotton

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-23      Origin: Site


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As the Swiss Better Cotton Development Association (BCI) quietly withdrew its statement about "banning Xinjiang cotton", the storm seems to have ended with "the boycotters slumped out of the field"; but in fact, behind this controversy is not just industry organizations. , The sudden behavior of a foreign brand blindly following the trend is a story of the Chinese cotton industry's comeback against the wind and a strong rise.


The US media "New York Times" also pointed out in a report earlier this month that the global textile industry supply chain is very long, and many steps in the middle may be carried out in different countries or regions such as China. Even if BCI member brands do not cooperate with Chinese factories, it is difficult to guarantee them. Cooperators of Xinjiang will not purchase Xinjiang cotton, so it is actually difficult for the world to completely abandon Xinjiang cotton.


The importance of Xinjiang cotton is self-evident, and it is even more important for domestic cotton enterprises to establish their own standards as soon as possible. You know, BCI, as one of the sustainable cotton standards advocacy organizations, connects the upstream and downstream links of the global cotton industry, and the turmoil caused by this organization has more or less affected the business of domestic cotton enterprises; more or less Importantly, as early as July 2020, the United States launched the American Cotton Trust Agreement in an attempt to establish its own standards.


Some domestic cotton companies pointed out that if the US agreement really gains actual control, it will inevitably require countries to use the US version of "certification standards" and "supply chain traceability system"; coupled with the original control of the United States in the field of international sales, China Textile Industrial development will fall into greater passivity.


Fortunately, my country has also stepped up its pace and plans to launch the Chinese version of the "Better Cotton Development Association" (BCI)-the South China Morning Post reported on April 15 that the cotton vertical service provider Zhongnong Guoji was established two years ago. According to insiders, the uncertainty brought by the Xinjiang cotton turmoil has pushed the plan to make greater progress in January this year, and the implementation of the plan will be just around the corner.

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