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What are the advantages of vat dyes

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Compared with other dyes, vat dyes have a series of remarkable characteristics:

The color of vat dyes is mostly intermediate colors

The color of vat dyes has the characteristics of a complete series from yellow to black and from bright colors to general colors. Its biggest feature is that the intermediate colors are the majority. These intermediate colors are basically a single component, and the dyeing reproducibility is good, especially green , Olive green, flesh color, brown and gray series.

For example, green reactive dyes are generally combined with yellow and emerald blue reactive dyes. In order to combine reactive dyes with different dyeing properties, the control during dyeing is very important, and there are several single-structure greens in vat dyes. Variety, not only can meet different needs, but also has excellent dyeing reproducibility compared with reactive dyes.

It can be dyed into a natural color, extremely intuitive and clear color

Fabrics dyed with vat dyes can show natural plant hue and European style characteristics on the basis of coarse tones. For example, dyed fabrics dyed with indigo and vat dyes are directly printed with various washing treatments (stone washing, bleaching, etc.) , It can be made into textiles with extremely straightforward, clear and natural plant tones.

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