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The articles shown below are all about the dyestuff, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the dyestuff. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these dyestuff articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • What is the impact of water quality on dyeing?


    pHFor active dyeing, when the pH value is 7 ~ 9, the color difference between the product is normal, indicating that the pH range has little effect on the product color difference, and the presence of a small amount of alkali will not change or destroy the active dye molecules.When the pH value is 8 Read More

  • What is the impact of water quality on dyeing? ①


    HardnessIt is generally believed that the hardness below 50 ppm has no impact, and 20ppm is already a good water.The water quality of the tube yarn is not the same, but the copper and iron ion content in the water should be paid attention.Usually active dyeing is better below 50ppm. The key is the m Read More

  • Textile printing and dyeing technology affects fabric wear resistance


    The nature and geometric shape of fiberUnder the same spinning conditions, when the fiber is long, the fiber has a large combination force, and the fiber is not easy to draw from the yarn during friction, which helps the wear resistance of the fabric; the fineness of the fiber is moderate conducive Read More

  • What factors affect the color of the dye?


    External factors such as solvents, temperature, dye concentration, electrolytes, and radiation light added to the dyeing solution will cause dyes in the solution, or the state of the dye fabric changes, resulting in changes in the color of the dye. 1. The effect of solvent and mediumThe absorption w Read More

  • The main factor that affects the process of dyeing


    There are many factors that affect the dye dyeing process, mainly including: 1. Dye propertiesThe dye structure and molecular size and shape determine the solubility, diffusionability of dyes, and the height of dyes and fibers. Second, the nature and concentration of the aidThere are many categories Read More

  • What is LYCRA fiber


    As a kind of spandex elastic fiber, a polymeal polymethyl ester composed of a flexible chain segment and a rigid chain segment. It was successfully studied by Bayer in Germany in 1937. In 1959, it was produced by DuPont. Because it has many advantages and good quality, it is recognized by the peers, Read More

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